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Great Job

"Jim is a great guy and he did a great job. Many thanks! "

Leif Nesheim - Butler, WI

Garage Genius

"Jim is a Garage Genius, He found a place for everything! "

John O. - Brown Deer

Absolutely Love It

"I absolute Love, Love, Love it! "

LaToya W. - Milwaukee

The Monkey Bars System is so Efficient

"We can finally park 2 cars in our 2 car garage! The Monkey Bars system is so efficient and our garage looks so pleasing to the..."

Jim R -

A Thorough Preparation Process

garage floor coating milwaukee

Fill Cracks: Have spalding or cracks on your garage floor? They will no longer be a problem. Our flooring experts fill in all cracks with the highest quality filler available. This process stops cracks from spreading and ensures that there are no uneven spots on your garage floor.

Diamond Grinding: Never settle for a flooring that isn’t properly prepared. Each of our floors are prepared with a diamond grinder to take away many uneven spots or inconsistencies in the flooring, providing you with a much better prepared floor than just an acid wash can provide.

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Finishing Off With Beautiful Top Coats

garage floor coating milwaukee

Fill Cast Of Chips: Each of our flooring jobs are given a full dispersal of chips. This helps to make the flooring appear cleaner for longer. This will also help to beautify your space and make your garage floor coating in Milwaukee look more professional.

Polyurea Top Coat: These high quality polyurea top coatings provide excellent protection for your new epoxy garage floor coating in Milwaukee. It also is scratch and chemical resistant. So if you work on cars, you don’t have to worry about oil stains to detrimental chemical spills.

garage floor coating Milwaukee

The Complete Package

We aim to please by providing our customers with the complete package. No longer worry about a job only half done. Through years of experience we’ve learned the optimal amount of product to use to get a garage floor coating in Milwaukee that will last for years to come.

Option For Every Room

No matter if it’s indoors or outdoors, we can bring beauty and style to your space through the use of garage floor coatings. Milwaukee residents have trusted our service for years and we invite you to do the same.

-Basement: If you have an unfinished basement, epoxy flooring could be the perfect solution to finish it off. For families that frequently come in and out of their homes through the basement, this could be a great alternative to carpeting or other flooring options because of its water resistant technology.

-Outdoors: Beautify your porch or patio with an epoxy floor coating that will last for years to come. These floors are especially popular and useful in areas exposed to the elements, because they are slip and water resistant.

-Commercial Spaces: Many flooring options become dull and ugly after frequent use. Epoxy flooring’s tough properties can stand up to extreme wear and tear. That is why it is such a popular choice for business owners.

Textured Garage Flooring Options

cafe mocha flooring sample
Cafe Mocha 
santana flooring sample
saddletan flooring sample
Saddle Tan 

granite flooring sample
marble flooring sample

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